Americana Rotisserie Electric Grill

  • 201 square creeps of cooking space
  • Three-position cooking component
  • making a zone of even intensity for conventional barbecuing
  • making a flexible zone of various temperatures for cooking medium, intriguing and great all the while
  • changing over completely to a completely upward position for rotisserie barbecuing (rotisserie sold independently)

The History of the U.S Tabletop Barbecue with Simple View Window and Rotisserie is our first in class Table Top Electric Barbecue. You’ll get incredible enormous barbecuing flavor, and you’ll cherish the recipes you can make with the 22″ rotisserie! On the off chance that you’ve never utilized an electric barbecue, you will be shocked by the great flavors this barbecue conveys. Dissimilar to indoor electric barbecues, History of the U.S electric barbecues utilize an uncommonly planned reflector container to make smoky fumes to inject your recipes with most extreme taste.

Americana Rotisserie Electric Grill - 1
Americana Rotisserie Electric Grill